The Wonderful Wallaby Sweater Project

Kitchen Cupboard Curtains

Our kitchen is the site of much of the activity in our home.  Son #3 has built the cabinets for us, for which I am extremely grateful.  So far they are incomplete and I came to a point where I hated to have all the kitchen gadgets, trash can, cleaning supplies, etc in plain view of everyone who enters the house.  Consequently, I bit the bullet and purchased some light-weight cotton on a 50% off coupon at our local fabric store.

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Cricut Fun!

When our daughter gave me her Cricut machine in November she probably did not know she was creating a monster!  Or at least, not really a monster but someone who wanted to learn many new things.  YouTube crafters are so generous with their own skills and share them with the world. I have been greatly blessed by them and learned so many new things to make.

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Some Successes…

Because this blog is meant to be upbeat and positive for the most part, and to record successes here, I am going to record some of those this week.  One of the first successes is that I started writing this blog post with the Dragon Dictation app on my iPad Mini. This was new to me.  It was nice to see the app actually taking dictation from me.

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Time is Flying By

Did I say I was going to make this a positive blog?  Well, it is hoped that most everything will be positive, but real.

Life is so hectic.  I just looked at the first post this year, which turned out to be on January 1.  Well, that is good.  Today is the 16th as I write. Better than it could have been as far as timing goes.  Lots has happened.  Some successes, some not so much.  Most recently I have been adding to my paper crafting knowledge.  There is so much information on YouTube that, with practice, most anyone should be able to create nice cards and other paper items.
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End of the Year…

Today I started the organizing myself project.  I had a bundle of errands to run downtown, which I did before swimming.  It was too late to swim really, but I decided to go anyway.  After 32 minutes of laps I became quite chilled and climbed out of the competition pool with the plan that I would spend a few minutes warming up in the leisure pool.
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