End of the Year…

Today I started the organizing myself project.  I had a bundle of errands to run downtown, which I did before swimming.  It was too late to swim really, but I decided to go anyway.  After 32 minutes of laps I became quite chilled and climbed out of the competition pool with the plan that I would spend a few minutes warming up in the leisure pool.

I was just getting to the bottom of the steps in the warm pool when I heard someone call out a grandson’s name.  Because his name is distinctive, I started looking for him. I did not see him but I did see his brother and then his sister!  So lovely to see those dear little people in the pool.  Sadly, they were just getting out to go home to supper.  Since I needed to be on my way, too, I just said goodbye and see you soon.That was not popular with the children who wanted to swim with me NOW! Maybe next time….

So, the point of this post is to say that today I had a victory…I was too tired to go swim. It was too late to swim (too close to supper time…). I knew there would be a whale of a crowd of people in the pool (which proved to be the case…at least in the warm pool…) but I just put my foot down with myself and pulled into the parking lot, stopped the car, grabbed my swim gear and headed inside.

When I came out almost an hour later I was very happy but quite cool. How happy I am that we have a car with a good heater.

Day One…success on one front! You can, too. Little things consistently accomplished can become big things, I feel sure.