Cricut Fun!

When our daughter gave me her Cricut machine in November she probably did not know she was creating a monster!  Or at least, not really a monster but someone who wanted to learn many new things.  YouTube crafters are so generous with their own skills and share them with the world. I have been greatly blessed by them and learned so many new things to make.

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Some Successes…

Because this blog is meant to be upbeat and positive for the most part, and to record successes here, I am going to record some of those this week.  One of the first successes is that I started writing this blog post with the Dragon Dictation app on my iPad Mini. This was new to me.  It was nice to see the app actually taking dictation from me.

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YouTube, Here We Come…

The new camera added to my great enjoyment of Lindsay Weirich’s The Frugal Crafter blog and YouTube channel made me think of trying to create a video.  So, I tried it…When I was in town yesterday I forgot to get the envelopes in which to send our Christmas picture and letter.  Since I had purchased an envelope maker from Oriental Trading Post some months ago and only used it a few times, I thought I would get into it…mainly to recoup from my failure yesterday, since it is snowing and sleeting and freezing raining outside making it no day for an old lady to hit the road.
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