Some Successes…

Because this blog is meant to be upbeat and positive for the most part, and to record successes here, I am going to record some of those this week.  One of the first successes is that I started writing this blog post with the Dragon Dictation app on my iPad Mini. This was new to me.  It was nice to see the app actually taking dictation from me.

Success number two: the weight scales have gone down a little.  Even a little bit is encouraging to me!

Success number three:  The kitchen counters have appeared, for the most part, such that when child number five came into the house with bags of groceries in order to make his lunches for the work week, he was able to set the bags on the counter and go right to work on preparing jambalaya!

Success number four: I have learned how to (at least partially learned how to) use iMessages on my iPad to send audio emails and video emails and photo emails.  This is very exciting to me.  I was able to exchange several emails with child number three and grandson.

Other successes this week:  I was able to teach two separate genealogy classes that seemed fairly positive and helpful to the class members.

Yet another kitchen/pantry success: the drawer in the freezer and two of the shelves in the freezer were upgraded from “jammed with old food” to “almost viewable with only eatable food”.  That made us all happy here.

A fun success was watching several (well, MANY) videos on Valentine’s Day and Get Well Card card making.  I made one get well card and several Valentines.  Here is the get well card:

Get Well FrontGet Well Inside

You will notice I did not say this was a GOOD card, just that it was fun to make and I think a five year old formerly sick little girl might enjoy it.

One final success this week is that I was able to use the Cricut our daughter gave me on my last visit in November to cut out many hearts of varying sizes and papers to share with the sisters at the Relief Society activity later this week where we will dip chocolate and make Valentine cards, hopefully NOT dipping the cards in the chocolate.