Time is Flying By

Did I say I was going to make this a positive blog?  Well, it is hoped that most everything will be positive, but real.

Life is so hectic.  I just looked at the first post this year, which turned out to be on January 1.  Well, that is good.  Today is the 16th as I write. Better than it could have been as far as timing goes.  Lots has happened.  Some successes, some not so much.  Most recently I have been adding to my paper crafting knowledge.  There is so much information on YouTube that, with practice, most anyone should be able to create nice cards and other paper items.

The other night I was invited to a surprise baby shower.  I usually knit up something or other especially for the specific baby on its way.  Because of the cold, physical condition, earlier excesses with the knitting needles, or something else altogether,  I have had to swear off knitting for a while longer.  Without knitting possibilities I had to come up with something.  PAPER!

With a little drawer full of pretty papers, I chose to make some note cards, envelopes, and a box in which to put them.  This was such a fun thing to do.  They were very entry-level efforts but I really did have fun making them.  I even learned how to make envelope-flap-stick ’em!  (two parts white glue to one part white vinegar–from Lindsay, The Frugal Crafter on YouTube).  It really works.  At least, on the one rejected envelope I tried to stick, it worked.  So satisfying.

To see the note cards and the envelopes, go to my YouTube channel.

Successes today:

Laundry: done.

Kitchen: cleaned, well, mostly…

Breakfast and supper: prepared and eaten.

Steps walked: 3315.  Okay, that is not really success, but it is better than 1500 steps…

Embossing without an expensive embossing machine: learned how to do it!

Vintage Doily paper-punching-it worked!

Dear One’s brown bag: mended.

Workroom bed: emptied!

With all those successes, I think I will hit the hay without further ado, before I start thinking of the other things…