Turning Over A New Leaf, AGAIN…

So…turning over a new leaf is not a sure thing by a long shot.  By the third day of “doing right” by myself, my family, my home, my body, I began tapering off.  That has got to stop!!  The leaves in that tree are feeling like they are in a hurricane, I am afraid.

Having said the above let me write some magic numbers to help me with the leaf-turning project:







Okay, those are perhaps cryptic to you (I love mysteries…) but I know what they mean and they are helpful to me.  Perhaps, like the Before and After photographs, I will share some of them at some future time.

Yesterday started out really great, but, as above, tapered off into leaf-turning oblivion by the end of the day.  Today I hope to have a full day of positive forward-moving action.  We shall see.  Laying it out there for the whole world to see may be a stick to keep me on track.

Successes yesterday:

*Four loads of laundry washed, dried, put away!  That is a first in a very long time.  (Well, one of the loads had been hanging around waiting to be put away for some time. I won’t report on how LONG a time, but success–they are put away now.)

*Fifteen minutes of spinning luscious brown wool fiber on the Ashford Traveller–the first time in months I had touched the wheel except to put it back into good form after grandchildren visits.

*Vegetables that I picked up on Tuesday were made into a delicious, or at least edible, soup.  Turnip, potato, onion, acorn squash, butternut squash, sweet potato, vegetable bouillon, bay leaves, with a can of Spaghettios thrown in for their tomato power.  I ate a bowl with a tablespoon of coconut oil on top and a good shake of Tajin seasoning.  The soup was not bad at all.  Even Dear One said so though he did NOT go the coconut oil/Tajin route.

Successes today:

Too early to list anything, really, but I DID get out of bed…more to come for sure!

You can be successful, too.