Kitchen Cupboard Curtains

Our kitchen is the site of much of the activity in our home.  Son #3 has built the cabinets for us, for which I am extremely grateful.  So far they are incomplete and I came to a point where I hated to have all the kitchen gadgets, trash can, cleaning supplies, etc in plain view of everyone who enters the house.  Consequently, I bit the bullet and purchased some light-weight cotton on a 50% off coupon at our local fabric store.

The day after purchasing the fabric I was at the church for a couple of hours before a baptismal program so I brought the fabric, scissors, a large bath towel, and the iron so I could perhaps get the curtains made.  Since these were simple curtains with a casing, they were easy to do.

1.  Cut the fabric into 6 panels of varying sizes.

2.  Presses 1/2 inch along side edges then folded over and pressed again to encase the raw edges.

3.  Sewed all side edges.  They are nice and neat and no raw edges remained.

4.  Folded over 1/2 inch at top of each curtain and pressed then folded over 2 more inches.

5. Sewed along the bottom fold, then moved up and sewed again 3/4 inch along top fold to make a casing.

6. Stopped at Home Depot on the way home to purchase dowels and 3M removable hangers for when the actual doors appear for the cupboards.

On the whole, I consider these curtains another success!Kitchen Cupboard Curtains