Life Goes On, And Then Some!

The hiatus is hopefully over and I can now get it together to write again.

There have  been successes on a number of fronts including health, fitness, and crafting.  Not so much on the housekeeping, but even there a few successes.

We knew we were going to have an overnight guest in our home who needed to sleep in “my workroom” so I had a major job on my hands.  A dear friend came up one day to help me.  We spent three hours moving yarn and many other things from the workroom up the scary pull-down stairs to the attic. We also went to the garage to empty the two-drawer filing cabinets which were filled with genealogy and other things, some of which was disposable.  We carried those to the workroom where we put an antique wooden trunk from my grandmother on top.  The Big Shot is now stored and used there.  Perfect work space.

We were both bushed when we were done.  I had arisen very early and had made some lovely vegan chili which we ate for lunch.  It was also intended for the vegetarian visitor.  Dear One was away on a canoe trip but because of poor forecast for the next day came home early…arriving home shortly before the guest arrived.  The poor visitor had planned a two-hour road trip to our home but it took him more than five hours.  He was starving and ate three bowls of the chili and I do not know how many of the fresh Sixty-Minute Rolls. I have to admit those rolls were good!

We were happy to help him out with housing needs and enjoyed his company for the evening.  I left early in the morning to spend the day with the local grandchildren so I did not get to say goodbye to the guest.  Perhaps we will see him again over the years when he comes back for meetings in the area.

It was a good day’s work to tidy the workroom.