The Country Wife’s Camera Dream Came True…

For some years I have been saving money to purchase a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. I have a Canon Rebel which I purchased in 1993 but have not used since we got small digital cameras in 2000. All of a sudden there was an opportunity to purchase just the camera I thought I wanted.

Because I do a lot of genealogical research for our family, and for others, I wanted a camera that had a twist and tilt LCD screen. With this feature I could install the camera on my very old but VERY sturdy Bogen 3221 tripod.

With the camera steady, I would be able to photograph documents without blurring them.  With the twist and tilt screen I could check to see if the document was in the correct position.  With a remote shutter cable added to the mix, there would be no chance of unclear photographs.

The wonderful Bogen professional tripod is really fabulous.  I purchased it when I was going to study abroad in Toulouse, France in 1993.  When it came to packing, the tripod was too heavy for me, a mature lady, to carry in my luggage, so it stayed home.  Over the years I loaned it out to multiple people who wanted a great tripod without buying one of their own.Bogen 3221 Tripod

Loaning out the tripod was perfectly fine but with an exception….I loaned it out one too many times!  The last time I loaned it out the equipment  came home without the quick release plate (QRP) for the head of the tripod, a critically important part of the head.  I did not notice it until our son was in need of a tripod a couple of years ago.  He purchased a replacement QRP which turned out not to fit perfectly so he purchased his own tripod…probably a good idea since he was going to take lots of pictures and really needed his own equipment.

In the days moving towards Thanksgiving this year, Best Buy had a sale on cameras, and had the Canon Rebel EOS 5Ti, which was what I wanted.  Miraculously I found a discount coupon which was added to their sale price.  Nice.

New Quick Release Plate
New Quick Release Plate in situ. Thank you, Hunt’s Photo and Video!

Now for the quick release plate!  I searched the internet for camera shops but found the closest one (Hunt’s Photo and Video) was far far away from our home. When I called the store,  Eric assured me that they had the exact quick release plate  I needed which they were willing to send me in the mail.  Two days later it arrived!  I am much impressed with Eric and Hunt’s Photo and Video to say the least. They will have my business in the future.

Now I need to call them about remote shutter cables!