The Hiking Challenge 2015

In a town near us there has been a hiking challenge the last two summers.  For a $5.00 fee you can register, receive a booklet with 8 or 10 hiking trails listed, get a tee shirt advertising the challenge, and get off into the woods.

In 2014 my husband did the hiking.  Early in October there was an evening of celebration and possibility of winning prizes.  He won a prize though I have forgotten what it was.

Since I had been on a healthier living kick for a while (attending a “Healthier Living for the Chronically Ill” course during the winter and getting back into swimming, plus a couple months on a very low carbohydrate eating plan), I thought perhaps I would do the hiking challenge this year (2015).  We both registered and started  with an easy hike.  To be considered a “winner” in the challenge this summer, a hiker had to complete 5 of the 8 hikes in the booklet.

We started out right away.  I took my “stroller” over hill and dale and large boulders in the middle of the trail, picking it up to go over a log.  I was completely bushed when we finished but finish we both did.

My husband went on to do several more hikes before I got back into the woods.  Eventually, with encouragement from him, I managed another hike by myself.  We hiked together on three more hikes, with him insisting that I figure out the trail by myself (to teach me some woods skills).

We did the final two trails together which were very difficult, at least for me, and nearly killed me.  Well, it felt like I was near death’s door when I crawled up out of the gully….  When we finally came out of the woods we were on the main north-south highway between towns.  He hiked another half mile along Route 10 to our car while I leaned against a guardrail watching the cars go by. And go by. And go by!  No one stopped to see if the older fat lady leaning against the guardrail was in trouble or needed anything….I really was okay but I had long before consumed the last of my water and could barely move and was so hoping someone would stop with a bottle of water…

When the husband and car arrived, he kindly opened the door for me and I fell in.  A complete rag.  By the time we got home I was over my outrage that no passersby stopped to check on me and resolved to be more cognizant of what was going on around me both when I am on the road and other places as well.  I hope I would have stopped, at least to check on the fat lady…

I also decided that I would participate in the challenge again in 2016 if the town offers it!  Healthy living in the meantime should make those hikes easier!

We attended the October celebration night again this year.  We won a prize: $10 off an order at the famous local doughnut shop!!!