Healthy Helping

A friend has a beautiful little daughter with Rett Syndrome.  In October there was a challenge to run, walk, crawl 5 K and donate to the Rett Foundation for Leah Bean. Finally today I fulfilled my commitment.

We are in Virginia Beach on vacation.


I awoke at 4:30 after a lovely seven-hour sleep. For a couple of hours I did some knitting on my Barbara Walker Learn To Knit Afghan Book afghan…I think it is square 51 in the lace section.  (Because we are staying a motel room without 1. an easy chair and 2. a lamp by the easy chair, I took a blanket and a couple of pillows and put them in the bathtub and shut the door so I would not awaken Dear One.  It worked.)

At 6:30 I decided to take my “stroller” and  go for a walk on the Boardwalk  to finally get my 5K in. The Boardwalk is a beautiful wide even ground lighted pathway at the edge of the ocean.  I was able to watch a glorious sunrise as I walked.

I DID IT!!  Even a little more than the required 5K.  I am so excited!  Of course, my poor benighted feet noticed because the Boardwalk is made of concrete not soft boards, but….still. I was able to do it.  Actually at the time there was no problem at all with pain.  It was only afterwards when I stopped, sat down and ate a nice-ish breakfast at the motel while visiting with my sister, her husband, and Dear One that I noticed. As the day progressed and we all continued a rather frenetic shopping trip to three thrift shops, and multiple other stops including visits to a couple of lighthouses, that the feet began to feel like raw burger.

Now it is time to go to bed with a happy smile on my face for fulfilling my commitment and the confidence that tomorrow I will arise feeling way better than I do tonight.  I do think that I will probably be mostly swimming this week however!