1995 Christmas Letter

Christmas 1995

Merry Christmas from the Crossetts:

Chris Receives His Mission Call

Chris put in his papers for a mission during February, but he did not receive his call due to the passing of President Hunter. After President Hinckley was called Chris shortly found out that he was going to Brazil Campinas Mission in southern Brazil. We were all surprised and pleased that Chris had asked for a foreign mission. We hoped that he would be able to learn Portuguese well!

Pattie Studies

Pattie took many courses during the fall, winter and spring in order to complete her Masters degree at Dartmouth College. She took a course in Oral History followed by work on her thesis which was entitled My Darling Barbie – about her mother’s early life from the letters of her first husband and the memory of relatives. This was particularly difficult since she was responsible for her office all by herself due to the illness of her coworker, Tony.

Bob Starts Biking Early

Due to a warmer than usual March, Bob was able to get back on his bicycle much earlier than he expected. He had problems with his knees during his winter running during January which was discouraging to him. Bicycling has been easier on his knees and almost as satisfying. Later in the spring he was able to begin running with a knee brace for distances of a couple of miles. He has combined running and biking to maintain his fitness from his Boston Marathon attempt of the previous year.

Youth Go To The Washington Temple

At the end of April the youth in our ward went to the Washington temple to do baptisms for the dead. Pattie, Bob, Megan and Jonathan were all able to go. We spent our first night in Princeton, NJ at our former stake president’s home. Youth and adults were sleeping in nearly all flat areas in the home. We spent the next day in the temple and stayed over night in a local motel. We were able to do the baptisms for many of the Crossett and Corwin Family members.

Chris Finishes First Year at Ricks

Chris came home in April after completing his first year of college. He spent a lot of time being very social, but had a successful year in spite of his varied activities. He spent the time between college and his mission working at the Joseph Smith Memorial doing grounds work. He helped his family by bringing lots of wood home after work. The Fogg family let us cut up a pile of pine logs that they were not able to use – which were very helpful in balancing our finances for the coming year!

Kids in The Secret Garden Musical

Jonathan and Megan were involved in the school musical this year. Megan had a major role, and both were involved in much of the singing and dancing as well as set preparation.

Chris Goes to Washington Temple

At the end of May, Pattie and Bob took Chris to the Temple in preparation for his mission. It was a quick trip since we were able to use Memorial day to drive down and went to the Temple the next day. On our way home we stopped in the Franklin Mall in Philadelphia to pick up some shoes and other needed items for Chris’s mission. While at the temple we saw Cindy (McShinsky, from the South Royalton Ward) Erickson who was at the temple with her husband and son who was preparing to leave for a mission.

Chris Leaves For His Mission

After much worry, Chris left on June 13th for the MTC – one day before Janus was to come home! He wanted to see Janus before he left even though he said he did not care about this two years earlier. He must have grown up a little in the intervening years. We hoped that Chris would fly through New York City on his way to Brazil, but unfortunately he was routed through Los Angeles. He was seen off by our friends, Bob and Darla Taylor in Salt Lake City. He was able to see one of his college friends in LA which was satisfying to him.

Janus Completes His Mission

Janus came home on the 14th of June – just one day after Chris had to leave for the Mission Training Center! He flew from Brussels to Frankfurt to Boston to Lebanon,NH. He was greeted by a small brass band made up of his Uncle Lester and Ivan Shafner. He was welcomed by parents, grandparents, Bishop, and other members of the ward and friends. His French was great, but he had to work at some English words. He spoke at length with is former French teacher Karen Heinzman after Thetford Academy’s graduation – in fluent French! We spent many evenings looking at pictures and memorabilia from his mission. It seemed a little strange to have him home – a mixture of tears and joy.

Megan Graduates from High School

On June 16th, Megan received her high school diploma and two scholarships which should help her pay for books and other expenses. Megan spoke at the Baccalaureate service held the preceding Sunday. She shared a poem written about her classmates while in 7th grade and then read a new version of this same poem. Megan spent her spring doing a special English I-Search project which was to learn how to make clothes for her college wardrobe and Senior Ball. She made her Ball dress on her own.

Robbie Goes to Scout Camp

Robbie and Bob were able to attend a special Scout camp in ???Maine. Bob was planning to attend for just a few days, but due to illness in the family of other scout leaders, he was needed to stay for the entire week. We had a variety of fun with canoe trips, swamp romps, water polo, camp fires, preparing meals in camp and performing skits. Our van made multiple trips between Maine and Vermont in order to shuttle people to and from camp. Bob got up early every morning to bike for an hour in maintaining his fitness.

Janus And Robbie Go To The Temple

In July we decided to take Janus back to the Temple after two years of not being able to go to a temple. This was a special trip for the family since we were able to take Robbie to do baptisms for the dead while we were at the temple. It was made more special when we had a special session with the temple president. We had several talks by regional church leaders and the temple president. He took us to the assembly hall area of the temple which is not for general temple use. He told us special stories of spiritual occurrences in the temple.

EFY Again!

Jonathan attended Especially For Youth in Ithaca, NY by himself. Pattie drove there with him.

Janus & Jon at Joseph Smith Memorial

Janus picked up working at the Joseph Smith Memorial in Sharon, VT. where his brother Chris had left off prior to leaving for his mission. Jonathan was old enough to work and to drive each morning. Oh yes, we have yet another driver in the family as of the end of August. The money was a blessing to us all. Jonathan used part of his money to buy a much wanted electric guitar since he has spent the previous school year learning to play the guitar well.

Megan and Janus Go to Ricks College

After much deliberating, we decided to send Megan and Janus west with our conversion van rather than flying them out or buying another vehicle. We arranged for them to either camp or stay with friends along the way. Everything went very well for them and they arrived at school early and safely. We spend the day prior to their departure splitting the nearly ten cords of wood that we had accumulated over the spring and summer. It was a vary difficult task which required us to work into the late evening before the job was complete! We sure got our $45 a day rental worth of use on the wood splitter!

Back to School

Robbie is a 7th grader and Jonathan is a Junior in high school. It is rather strange to have just four in our home this school year. It has been difficult getting all the chores done with such a small crew of workers.


This was a small Thanksgiving for our family in that there were four from our family, Grammie and Grandpa Crossett, and Jessie Curtis’s family, the John Curtis family, and a friend Betty Hansen made a total of 12. Janus and Megan went to Utah to be with friends for Thanksgiving.

Janus Plans to be Married in April

While in Utah for Thanksgiving, Janus proposed to Laura Oliphant – a friend he had met over the summer. She had come east to be with her brother and to earn money for college. The wedding is set for April 27th in the Salt Lake Temple. We are excited for them and recognize all the adjustment that will be necessary. Both Janus and Laura will have completed their Associate degrees by June.

Miscellaneous Items

We were unable to get the sail boat in the water this summer due to a very busy family schedule.

Once in a Lifetime Events

The week of 11-18 June had 6 once-in-a-lifetime events–starting on the 11th with Pattie graduating from Dartmouth with a master’s degree and shaking hands with Pres.of the US Bill Clinton, 13th Christopher left on his mission, 14th Janus returned from his mission, 16th Megan graduated from high school, 17th Pattie had a reunion with her roommates from BYU nearly twenty-five years before(the picture on the card was taken at the reunion with all but Chris present � Can you find all the Crossetts?), and the 18th Megan graduated from Seminary and received her Young Woman of Excellence Award. A hectic, stress-filled week! Each activity deserved its own week to savor and enjoy the feelings and thoughts evoked, but such is life!


Our Best Wishes for a Peaceful Holiday Season and New Year. Joyeux No�l Tout le Monde

Bob, Pattie, Janus, Chris, Megan, Jonathan, Robbie