2005 Christmas Letter

Jonathan and Alissa get sealed

On February 19th 2005, Jonathan Crossett and Alissa Rasmussen were sealed in the Boston Massachusetts Temple.

Bob & Pattie get a NEW car

As our cars grow in age and miles (200,000 + miles), we decided to investigate the possibility of getting a new car. We decide on a Toyota Camry LE which is a larger car and would make trips to Boston more comfortable for all.

Rob gets a job at Dartmouth College

After a long hiring process, Rob got a job as worker in the machine room (computer server room). This has given better hours, 4:00 to midnight, and a regular paycheck with good benefits.

Eldon Lee Crossett born on April 4th

Our third grandchild arrived on April 4th in Rexburg, Idaho to Jonathan and Alissa Crossett. He is a handsome young man with an infectious smile that wins over everyone that meets him. When in Utah and Idaho in July, we were able to participate in Eldon’s blessing while visiting Jonathan and Alissa’s “student apartment” in Rexburg, Idaho.

Bob hikes AT in Virginia (again!)

Bob hikes AT in Virginia (again!) – Instead of doing the Grand Canyon this year, Bruce Thielan, Al Bergeron (a mutual friend of Bruce and I) and I decided to do a section of the Appalachian Trail down south. We settled on a section south of Damascus, Virginia at the very southern tip of the state. To accomplish this long trip, we (Pattie & Bob and Bruce & Al) drove to Janus and Laura’s home near Scranton, PA (Clark’s Summit) and stayed overnight there, the following day driving on to Damascus. While we were working hard on the trail, Pattie stayed home with her two granddaughters and had a wonderful time. (Janus and Laura took an anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, scaring Pattie with the photos on their return!) Our first day on the trail, we encountered rain. The rain turned to snow overnight!! We were at about 4000 feet and the air was cold. We decided to turn back to our starting point rather than getting caught in bad weather in the wilderness. We stayed at a nice bed and breakfast near the trail head.

Jessie and John Mullinex are sealed

Pattie’s sister, Jessie, and her husband, John, were sealed in the Manti Temple on July 9th . Jessie had always wanted to be sealed in the Manti Temple and this dream was realized. There was a reception held in their home in Provo, Utah following the sealing. Pattie and Bob drove across country due to the high price of plane tickets. Bob’s mother graciously offered her car for the trip, rather than using the new Camry. We accepted the offer. It was a long trip with 700-mile days. We left on July 4th and stayed in Clark’s Summit, PA with Janus and his family, having a wonderful celebration barbecue there. We arrived in Provo on July 7th – in plenty of time to participate in the sealing. While there, Bob and Pattie did a variety of things, including Pattie attending a family history week long seminar, Bob spending some time with Tom Norton at Yellowstone, Bob, Pattie, Megan, Chris and Allison attending a Tabernacle Choir broadcast, Bob raking Christopher’s lawn, and participating in Eldon’s blessing in Idaho.

Grace is baptized on Easter weekend

Grace Marie Crossett turned eight years old on February 28th and Janus and Laura tried to work schedules so both sets of grandparents could attend. Unfortunately, Grandpa and Grandma Oliphant were not able to attend. Bob and Pattie traveled to Clark’s Summit, PA for the baptism and Easter dinner. Mitsi Corwin and a friend came down from Syracuse, NY where she is attending school.

Crossett/Corwin family reunion in Vermont

After returning from Utah, many of the Crossetts and Corwins were in Vermont and got together on Sunday afternoon July 31st for corn on the cob, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and conversation. Jeremiah Curtis and his family, Janus Crossett and his family, Mindy Corwin and her children, Mitsi Corwin, Lester Corwin, Bob and Pattie Crossett, Rob Crossett came to the gathering. A good time was had by all. This is the first time that this many cousins, nieces, nephews, children and parents got together at one time and in one place.

Bob is released as High Counselor after 5 years

On the last Sunday in August, Bob got to give his final High Council talk in the Bedford Ward. During that meeting he got to put his name up as one to be released from their stake assignments.

Jonathan completes his bachelor’s degree at BYU-Idaho and moves to Vermont

Jonathan completed his degree work at BYU-Idaho in August. He has been anxiously awaiting the time when he could get on to the computer work that he enjoys so much. After this, they decided they wanted to live in Vermont, so preparations began to leave Idaho and settle in Vermont which is near both Jonathan’s parents and Alissa’s parents. Due to the expense of renting a truck to return, Jonathan and Alissa decided to buy a pickup truck and trailer to move their belongings with hopes of selling it at the end of their move. So far it has not sold. Anyone interested?!

Bob and Pattie called on Temple Service Mission

After Bob’s release from the High Council, Bob and Pattie were called to serve a stake Temple mission at the Boston Temple in September. It would be a one-year assignment to work as ordinance workers for one week per month. We chose the third week and will stay at a nearby Quality Inn during that week each month.

Bob’s mother turns 88 years old!!

On September 28th , Marjorie Crossett turned 88 years old. Bob, Pattie, Ginny (Bob’s sister who lives in Florida), Jonathan and Alissa Crossett and Eldon all came to celebrate with her. We all went out for dinner and a local restaurant in Barre, Vermont. Just five days earlier Christopher turned 30.

Wedding plans canceled

In September Christopher made plans to marry in the Ogden Temple in mid-November, but as the time drew near, it became obvious that his lovely fiancee was not prepared for marriage, and the marriage was called off. A difficult time for all concerned.

Bob and Jonathan travel to Utah (again!)

After Bob and Pattie’s long road trip to Utah in July, Bob and Jonathan got to do it again. Jonathan had left his car at Christopher’s house in Roy, Utah when they came back to Vermont. Jonathan wanted the car back and Christopher wanted to buy a Toyota Camry that Bob’s home teaching companion was trying to sell. So…we drove the Camry to Roy, Utah and returned with Jonathan’s car. We drove 1000-mile days!! Jonathan could only travel on weekends due to the web development work he was doing. We spent the work week in Utah during which time Jonathan did his job and Bob visited family and friends. While there, we fixed Chris’s lawn mower, mowed his lawn, installed brake pads on Jonathan’s car, visited and hiked with Tom Norton, watched movies on Chris’s big screen projector, traveled to SLC with Megan, and jogged in the warm Utah fall weather.

Thanksgiving in Vermont

Thanksgiving was held in South Royalton, Vermont with Pattie’s brother, Billy and his wife Boo hosting 25 people on a snowy Thanksgiving day. Nearly all the relative in the area were present to a wonderful dinner. Pattie’s favorite part of the meal was the Brussels sprouts with wasabi sauce. We have GOT to get that recipe!

Pattie’s institute career comes to an end

Pattie has loved teaching a weekly Church Educational System religion class at Dartmouth College to LDS students and local young adults. Early in December she was released after just over eleven years of service. This will leave a big hole in her life and in her heart but now she will focus more on family history research, and health and fitness, along with temple service, to take up the slack in her time.

Christmas this year will be different from past years

For the first time in ages most of the children will be elsewhere. Janus, Laura, Grace, and Anne will be going to Utah to spend three weeks with Grandma and Grandpa Oliphant. Christopher and Megan will be staying in Utah and will hope to spend some time with Janus and family, and maybe Aunt Jessie, Uncle Johnny and Julius. Jonathan and Alissa will be hosting Alissa’s parents and brother Dain and new sister-in-law Calista. Alissa’s sister Janna is living with Jonathan and Alissa to finish out her high school education in a small town high school in Vermont.

Happy Holidays to all our friends and family, Bob and Pattie

P.S. Some of you are receiving this via the Internet to save on printing & postage – our letter is getting too big!

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