Christmas Letters

Merry Christmas 2013

With Jonathan’s move to the new work building came the opportunity to play ping-pong during lunch or tennis at the nearby court. He has also designated Thursday evenings to community volleyball or hockey on the Dartmoose team. He put a new starter in the motorboat and built his own small apple cider press. Jonathan also built a raspberry pie computer. His siblings traveled east to celebrate their parent’s 40th anniversary. Jonathan really enjoyed sailing and playing disk golf with his brothers. He still serves as scoutmaster.

Eldon (8) really enjoyed taking a rock climbing class this spring. After his eighth birthday and what we believe to be the age of accountability, Eldon chose to become a baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This summer Eldon loved swimming at lake Pinneo and he took lessons with other third graders at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center. He started playing basketball at Dothan Brook’s open gym program and then joined the Hartford team. Eldon has continued to enjoy reading chapter books in his free time and before bed. He started taking piano lessons with a new teacher, Diana Dewey. Eldon is in the wolf den at cub scouts.

Caleb (6) played T-Ball this spring, and did well with his advanced hand and eye coordination. He took horseback riding lessons this summer and improved his ability to use reins. Caleb also got a new red tricycle through Ambucs. He began 1st grade and his classroom aid that followed him up from kindergarten noted his improved walking. As he grows older he has a greater desire to walk more with his forearm crutches. We enjoy his new reading skills, and artistic ability too. Caleb also started piano lessons with Diana Dewey.

Leah (4) loves getting her nails painted, playing dolls, running, riding her own bike with training wheels, making her own bed with particular blankets, cooking with Mom in the kitchen, coloring and painting. She is a big fan of Hello Kitty, princesses, Strawberry Shortcake, and Barbie Movies. Leah has grown this fall in so many ways. She is now as tall as Caleb. She wears a size 12 ½ shoe, 6 in clothing and her fingers have even gotten longer! Leah likes her mom to follow her closely through her pre K class to hang up her bag, find her name card, and wash her hands but then says good-bye. Despite her earlier tendencies to be shy she has really done well at school. The class rom assistant calls her “the puzzle master.” Her classroom friend Miyu comes over a couple times a month. Leah loves to look at books and be read to.

Brycen (1) Does things that make us smile like how he runs, works his jaw up and down for “yes,” says “Eeeeeeew”, “cat”, “up”, and to tease Mom and get her to tickle him Brycen shakes his head and says “Daddy” meaning “not Daddy.” He loves kicking, dribbling, throwing balls, and playing with trains. He learned early to hold on tight to a big kids swing. He loves to get under dogs, under kitty’s, under cows, etc., and makes the appropriate sounds. He’s known to stomp one foot when he is very upset.

Alissa took a boxing class and continues to run and play occasional basketball.  Once a month she taught a lesson to the Relief Society women and this summer she was the ward girl’s camp director. She was then called to be the Primary President, and enjoys overseeing the children’s program at church. This year Alissa read the “Children of the Promise” series, “The Power of Habit,” “My Name is Mary Sutter,” “A Girl Named Zippy,” “Voices of Hope,” “Angle of Repose,” “A Complaint Free Relationship” and “The God Who Weeps.” After having Brycen and not painting for quite some time, Alissa was happy to return to the routine of watercolor painting at Debbie Hamilton’s.

As a family we really enjoyed a vacation this summer in the white mountains of New Hampshire. We rented a house on a large pond, outfitted with kayaks, fishing gear, and a perfect private beach for the kids. We also enjoyed two days at the nearby Story Land Amusement park.