Crossett Family 2016

Crossett Family 2016

Jonathan is excited to be implementing Docker, an application containerization platform at work. This year he celebrated 10 years as a Dartmouth employee. He loves playing intramural ice hockey and biking to work.  Jonathan was called to serve as second counselor in his church’s bishopric. Mike Cahoon is first counselor and the Bishop is Grandpa Crossett. This October Jonathan and Rob flew west to visit with siblings in Utah.

Alissa has a new church calling watching the 18 month to 3-year-old nursery kids. She is also a cub scout leader. Alissa enjoyed running the dirt roads of Vermont this fall, training for a half marathon.

Eldon was voted most improved player in basketball, played his first season of lacrosse, and was awarded a prestigious music medal by the end of 5th grade. He returned to the Quechee summer swim team, and then started middle school! He enjoys scouts, playing the euphonium, as well as singing in chorus. He joined an afterschool club called “TSA” or Technical Science Application, and debate team. He is now 5’ 3” tall, weighs 128 lbs and wears a size 9 men’s shoe! He is still a veracious reader, testing at an 11th grade reading level. He tells his parents frequently that he loves them, but is happy to have some space from his siblings.

Caleb has tested as an above average student, enjoys being in the Bear den of cub scouts, and still plays piano. He plays on a youth sled hockey team called “Wildcats” through North East Passage and is still practicing with the local Ice Vets (adult veterans) team. He made it onto the local news with the Ice Vets and his teacher showed it to his 4th grade class! They had been doing an empathy unit and all students had a chance to use wheelchairs and were asked to write a paragraph to Caleb afterwards.

Leah’s first grade teacher Mrs. Buriss was enthusiastic about her 3-D pop up worlds. Leah is the youngest in her grade (yet one of the tallest) and has had to work hard to keep up with reading and math skills. She graduated to a bigger bike, and joined the summer track team. Leah opted to run in the 400 and 800 meter races as well as long jump. She is a role model in her 2nd grade classroom because she is very responsible, keeps her area organized, and always tries her best in her work. Her handwriting is very neat, and any art work or coloring beautiful. She enjoys reading Jack and Annie books and Shel Silverstein poems.

Brycen loves to snuggle at night but is busy catching up to everyone else during the day. He is thoughtful and a quick study. He’s learning to read and swim, and is a role model in his preschool class. He enjoys playing competitive games with his brother Caleb, and his gymnastics class.

The family enjoyed visiting with Rebecca Rasmussen, camping at Boston Lot, Old Forge, and going to Enchanted Forest Water Safari with the Dain’s family. Thanks to the hospitality of the Wilson’s, we attended the Hill Cumorah Pageant and saw Janus and his family as cast members. We met Dain and Calista for an “adult weekend getaway”. We sailed on Sacandaga Lake, ate dinner at Simeon’s, had game night at Brendon and Dinah’s, and fresh doughnuts for breakfast. We played doubles tennis and then attended the family wedding of Chris and Lisa Oaks.